Why USB?

Pre loaded USB flash drives are fast becoming a popular method to distribute marketing and sales materials in a convenient, valuable and usable format. The elegance of USB flash is the high level of customization and ability to place unique information and data onto a physical device to create a powerful tool for delivering your message. From autorun features designed to launch specific applications to custom silk-screen designs to create eye-catching products, USB drives are flexible enough to accomplish exactly what you need. Imagine the convenience of taking a palm-sized device containing the memory of your computer hard drive where ever you go! You can store, transfer and update files anytime, from any computer. The USB drive is a universal device (Mass Storage Device) so it works seamlessly in Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS without drivers or additional software. More over, USB flash is virtually unlimited in re-write abilities for storing data over and over again. USB Copier can pre-load any type of information data, presentation or publication onto individual flash drives for use by your target audience. The USB flash drive is a powerful tool and will be used daily by staff, clients and customers in both their professional and personal lives. Complete with your company logo, a customized USB flash drive is an excellent idea to keep your name in front of your customer.

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