Flash Memory Warranty:

USBCopier.com does not manufacturer flash memory and all warranty policies are an extension of the original manufacturer. Here are those details: Flash memory has a life time warranty. The warranty insures flash memory is free from defects in materials and workmanship; however, the warranty does not apply to malfunctions cause by misuse, negligence, accident, miss configuration, or alteration, nor is USBCopier.com responsible for consequential damages related to the use of flash memory or data lost contained with in said memory. All flash memory sales are final. All warranty coverage is via replacement of same or like product. Warranty replacements do not cover print or laser etch designs or pad printing of the original device. Refunds are not granted unless the original manufacturer has analyzed the problem and agrees to a refund. User is responsible for shipping defective device(s) to original manufacturer [China] and original manufacturer will cover shipping costs back to the end user. If you have questions about the above warranty policies please contact USBCopier.com for further details.

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