USB Flash Drive Storage Case & Accessories

Buy the ideal USDB flash drive case or accessory for your product

USB Copier offers a range of flash drive storage cases and accessories.

Our most popular items are listed below and the first item listed is our #1 seller. The new design is an exclusive and holds a USB inside a DVD case.

Ideal solution for those who use DVD cases and looking for a flash drive storage case. While viewing this page, keep in mind if you require a specific packaging or accessory item, please contact USBCOPIER.

USB to DVD Insert

USB Plastic Box

  • Magnetic snap lid
  • Foam insert
  • Compact and durable

USB Paper Box

  • White, grey, black & more
  • With or without window
  • Custom printing available

USB Neck Lanyard

  • Black or grey, custom available
  • Print your name on lanyard
  • Available in different lengths

USB Blister Pack

  • Retail ready
  • Available for ANY style
  • Custom print insert card
  • Prominently displays USB flashdrive

USB Tin Box

  • Aluminum box with clear window
  • Foam insert to secure drive
  • Printable area on outside

USB Bulk Packaging

  • 20 up tray
  • Designed for safe shipping
  • Easily keep bulk drives organized

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