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USB Duplication Service
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USB Duplication & Flash Memory Service

USBCopier.com is a leading flash memory duplication facitlity. Our experience lies in knowing what needs to be done, in the quickest way, once the project has been explained.

With Nexcopy Incorporated as our parent company we have unlimited resources for duplication equipment. This translates into getting any job done, on time, with the highest level of accuracy.

In addition, we fully understand the market of NAND memory. From building product from a locked BOM to getting the most out of cheap promotional drives, we have experienced just about any situation one could imagine.

Put simply: Call us to get your job done right, or call so we may figure out your problem.

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Dupe Services

Binary copying, CRC verification, bootable drives no problem.

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Custom USBs

Transform any logo, product, drawing or idea into a 100% custom USB designed specifically for you.

4 Easy Steps

Promo Drives

Hundreds of unique flash drives, all branding options available.

Rush Orders

Copy Protect

Protect your intellectual property on USB. Restrict printing, saving, screen grabing and more

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USB Copier uses only the best flash memory duplicators from Nexcopy Inc. for the most accurate and reliable digital copies.

USB Copier | 13 Orchard Road Ste 102 | Lake Forest | CA | 92630 | P: +1 949 481 6479